Monday, June 19, 2006

Brian Hyatt, Rolling Stone Magazine
[Photo by Albert Watson - l to r - Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Ed Vedder, Matt Cameron & my fav Jeff Ament]

MESSAGE FROM Kucinich on House Iraq War Debate
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), who has led opposition within the Congress to the Iraq war from the beginning, gave the following floor speech last Thursday. "The President will not bring an end to this war. He says it will be a decision for the next president. But he is building permanent bases in Iraq; and he is determined to keep a force of at least 50,000 in Iraq into the distant future. This Congress may not bring an end to this war. Because the real power to end the war is in a cut off of funds. Congress keeps appropriating funds in the name of the troops and the troops will stay in Iraq instead of coming home. Only the American people can bring an end to this war as they brought an end to the war in Vietnam. Let this be a time for a stirring of civic soul. It is time for a reawakening of civic conscience."

"There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But, there are WMDs in DC. Lies are Weapons of Mass Destruction: 2,500 American soldiers have died. Over 100,000 innocent Iraqis have died. It is a time for an end to our national sleep walk through the graveyard of the Iraq war. It is time for truth, a time for clarity. A time for action. A time for teach-ins, for meet-ups, for marches, for rallies about the war to begin at college campuses, at churches at labor halls, at libraries. Time to gather in civic centers, in town halls, to discuss the truth about this war, and to plan civic action to end it. It is time for the American people to exercise their First Amendment rights to stand up, to speak out. Time to redirect the policies of this country. Time to learn and practice peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution. Time to believe in our capacity to evolve beyond war. To believe, and act upon the belief that war is not inevitable, that peace is inevitable - - if we are ready to commit to the daily work of peace building everywhere."

"The Global War on Terror has become a Global War of Error. Attacking or threatening countries which did not attack us. Bombing neighborhoods to save neighborhoods. Committing atrocities in the name of stopping atrocities. Losing our vision, losing our way in the world, sacrificing our children and their future, giving up their future resources for education, for health care, for housing, piling it high on the altar of war. Worshiping a false god of destruction. When we begin these proceedings with this remembrance - Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. We are not talking about any nation; we are talking about a Force which is above all of us. The world is not ours to conquer. There is no glory in the abuse of power. The President will not bring an end to this war. This Congress will not bring an end to this war, absent the Murtha Resolution. But the American people will certainly bring an end to this war. They will do it in the streets. And they will do it at the ballot box. The American people will become the Out of Iraq Caucus."

[DUCHESS NOTE - Bravo Congressman Kucinich! This man has always spoken the truth and never wavered from his position all these years on this topic. He never voted for a war or occupation in Iraq. The congressman is right; we the people must take it to the streets and protest loudly against further US occupation in Iraq. We want ALL our soldiers home now! Nixon listened to our protesting cries and brought our troops home from Vietnam. Now its time for GWB to listen. Millions upon millions of Americans need to make him listen. (We can do it!!) If GWB and his evil regime won't listen to our cries, then you will know that they don't give a damn about Americans. Or, for that matter, anyone else in the world. They only love the ultra wealthy (5% of the US population), corporations, rightwing religious fanatics and oil industry. Okay, let’s take it to the streets now in a non-violent, peaceful manner in true form to Gandhism.]

COMMENTARY FROM NYPDACD12 YAHOO GROUP - NY Senators Schumer & Clinton Continue to Support War & Occupation in Iraq - Congress Debates Iraq War As US Death Toll Reaches 2500
Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced last Thursday the US death toll in Iraq has now reached 2500. The milestone was reached on the same day the Iraq war was the subject of intense debate in both Houses of Congress. In the Senate, lawmakers voted ninety-three to six against a measure to withdraw US troops by the end of the year. The measure was introduced by Republicans who claimed to be acting upon a proposal by Senator John Kerry. Five Democrats -- Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Barbara Boxer of California, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Tom Harkin of Iowa and Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts joined Kerry in voting for withdrawal. The House is expected to vote on its own Iraq resolution last Friday. On Thursday, Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert urged lawmakers to support the measure.

Why have NY Senators Clinton and Schumer not voted for a withdrawal? Do they represent you? If not; then call or fax your Senator and tell them how you feel on this issue.


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