Sunday, January 28, 2007

FMQB Radio Report: The Police Rehearsing In Canada

The Price of Oil
Song by Billy Bragg

Voices on the radio tell us that we’re going to war
Those brave men and women in uniform
They want to know what they’re fighting for
The generals want to hear the end game
The allies won’t approve the plan
But the oil men in the White House,
They just don’t give a damn
It’s all about the price of oil
It’s all about the price of oil
Don’t give me no s--t about blood, sweat and tears
And toil, its all about the price of oil
Now I ain’t no fan of Saddam Hussein
Oh, please don’t get me wrong it its freeing the Iraqi people
You’re after then why have we waited so long
Why didn’t we sort this out last time
Was he less evil than he is now the stock market holds the answer to
Why him, why here, why now
Saddam killed his own people
Just like General Pinochet
and once upon a time both these evil men were supported by the USA
And whisper it; even Bin Laden once drank from America’s cup
Just like that election down in Florida
This s—t doesn’t all add up
It’s all about the price of oil
Because it’s all about the price of oil
Don’t give me no s—t about blood, sweat, tears and toil
It’s all about the price of oil

Fairness In The Media & Interview With Kucinich & Jeff Cohen
Bob Garfield, On The Media

Putting It On The Table: Kucinich Says Bush Risking Impeachment
David Swanson, Oped News

"The degree to which this President continues to take steps to go to war against Iran without consulting with the full Congress is the degree to which he is increasingly putting himself in jeopardy of an impeachment proceeding." - Dennis Kucinich

[Duchess Note: Visit Congressman Kucinich’s website today at Thank and encourage him during his Presidential campaign and the continued support he’s shown Americans.]

[Duchess Note: In a few days I'll have photos and my review on the amazing rally & demonstration for peace down in Washington DC yesterday, January 27th. In the meantime; write, call and fax Congress and Senate representatives. Ask them to stop funding for Iraq occupation and further Bush Regime threats to Iran. We all support our soldiers, not the war, and they need to come home NOW.]


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