Friday, January 26, 2007

The Real News
Sue Hale-Deseve, Gilmanton
For the Monitor

It is too bad we aren't honestly given true media coverage for the presidential campaign. We are getting proof of the control corporations have over the news we get from the papers and TV. One has to turn to other sources if you want to get the real news. For example, the news is supposed to let people know who is running for president in 2008. However, the majority of news outlets in this country have neglected to mention at least one candidate who announced last month: Dennis Kucinich. The media do not want to talk about him since he is a real person who is concerned about the people in this country, peace, jobs, the Patriot Act, health care, NAFTA and media reform. Of course, that may be why the news doesn't cover him. He might bring up all their mistakes. For those interested in learning more about Kucinich and what he would do for this country, visit It is a shame we can't count on the media for honest news, but we can't, so it is time to do the research yourself.


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