Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Report from Sound Generator – The Police To Play Grammy Awards
And a big reunion tour is also in the works

Critics: New Bush Proposals Shift More Health Care Costs onto Working Americans
Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

Bush Fear-Mongering on Ob-Gyn Access in Last Year's State of the Union Belied by Facts - Statement of Joan Claybrook, President of Public Citizen
In tonight's State of the Union address, be alert to anything the president might say about trying to limit citizen access to the courts. In his 2006 address, the president told the nation that lawsuits were driving doctors out of practice, causing a shortage of ob-gyns in 1,500 counties - an attempt to urge the Congress to enact medical liability reform. While his statistics may frighten women, Bush was wrong to link litigation with rural access to ob-gyns. The truth is that fewer and fewer counties every year are without an ob-gyn. To read the entire statement visit:

[Duchess Note: Ah yes, fear-mongering, something the Bush Regime and rightwing talk radio shows use all the time over last 6 years. When reading about past AND present Dictators and Tyrants, their main form of ammo is “fear-mongering”; along with lies, propaganda and suppression. So, American people, how does it feel to be ruled by a dictatorship that doesn’t give a rat’s arse about 85% us?!? Want to do something about this dictatorship? Join many other Americans this Saturday, January 27th, (11am – 4pm) in a huge rally and protest down in Washington DC. Check our more info at the United for Peace & Justice website ]

Message from the Peace Alliance & Dept of Peace Campaign
The Gift of Peace - A Play
Coming to a city near you Very Soon!

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Below is an announcement [click on link] about a new "Department of Peace" themed play that will be coming to a city near you in the coming weeks, as part of a road tour across the country headed towards our Washington D.C. Conference. We hope you will attend the play (it is VERY inspiring) and spread the word throughout your community to get a big turnout! This is a great way to spread the word about this important legislation. (This is put on by a group independent of The Peace Alliance). They are also working to raise money for this specific show and for their road tour. Giving details can be found on their website,

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart Lao Tzu (570-490 B.C.)

Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him

Bush’s SOTU: Nixon Would Have Been Proud
Bush’s 7th State of the Union speech was loaded with proposals that will go nowhere and had little relationship with reality. So much for hoping that a 28 percent approval rating would teach him anything.

Feminism Brings Benefits To All – Men Included
Neil Chethik, AlterNet

A Victim's Response to 9/11's Aftermath
Peter Flom

US Ambassador Pays Upbeat Visit to Peace Center
Lydia Aisenberg, The Jerusalem Post

Fed Up Soldiers Finding New Ways to Protest the War
Jeanine Plant, AlterNet

Iraqi Millstone Round Bush's Neck
Helena Cobban

When Will We Know That Enough Americans Have Died?
Jane Bright

Global Warming: the Final Verdict

The Radical Christian Right Is Built On Suburban Despair
Chris Hedges, AlterNet

Proposed New Years Resolution for the Promotion of Peace
Joan Russow, PEJ News Blog


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