Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Check out this Newsday website and place your vote on who you think should be next president of USA. Naturally I voted for Dennis Kucinich and his stats are doing very well. So add your vote at the link below ... thank you.


Had a nice, relaxing Labor Day holiday weekend. Weather was great on Sunday and stunk rest of the time. On Sunday Mom and I visited the Saratoga Battlefield Historial Park for an auto tour. This takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours with 10 stops and a few picnic areas. Some of the views were great and two of the stops had folk dressed in 1776 costume talking about Revolutionary War history. It was very enjoyable. While driving thru a heavily wooded area of the park we saw a Doe and two Fawn near the road. Never seen deer that closeup before and they were so pretty. Also over the weekend I did some shopping, yard work, dining out and hairdresser appointment. Had great conversations with two chaps on my bus rides. Going up I sat next to and chat with a hairdresser named Stacy, he was very amusing. On the way back to NYC I sat next to and chat with a truck driver named Dick, who was a cool dude.


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