Sunday, September 07, 2003

Listed below are some great websites dealing with politics, ferrets and the rock group Pearl Jam. If interested, check them out. Just highlight the chosen link, copy and then paste it up in the "address" area of the internet and hit enter. Voila!

Peace & Solidarity!


Protest Attorney John Ashcroft's Visit to NYC To Promote that Sicko USA PATRIOT ACT!

When: 12 Noon on Tuesday, September 9th
Where: Wall Street & Broad Street in NYC
Subway: Take the 2/3/4/5/J/Z to Wall & Broad Street area

On Sept 9th, Attorney General Ashcroft [total scumbag] will visit NYC to attend a closed meeting with law enforcement officials to build support for the USA Patriot Act and impending Patriot II legislation. Hundreds of New Yorkers will meet his arrival and gather together to tell Ashcroft to stop his attack on the "Bill of Rights" and to affirm and uphold OUR rights and liberties. Join United For Peace & Justice, the NY Bill of Rights Defens campaign and a coalition of dozens of civil liberties, immigrants rights, peace & justice organizations and political leaders on Tuesday at noontime. [Remember ... today the US government can get a secret warrant to search your home without telling you until later. Today the government can monitor your Internet use. Today the FBI is authorized to monitor your political and religious activities. We can only guess what tomorrow will bring. The fact is, Orwell's vision of "Big Brother" is NOW, for the first time, technologically possible. Join this important emergency demonstration and stand up for the BILL OF RIGHTS! Your rights!]


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