Monday, September 29, 2003

Well folks … another weekend is behind us and its back to work. Oh joy! The weekend as a good, progressive one and the weather could have been abit better. Well, at least Friday and most of Saturday were decent. Anyhow … enough on that topic. Friday evening I had Rob over to my place for dinner & dessert [wink wink]. It was fun and entertaining. On Saturday I participated in my second Ferret Meetup, this one was held at Bowlmar Lanes down near Union Square. Rob and I showed up, plus two other ferret fanatics arrived [ie: Gary & Sharon]. No sign of Melissa or Randy. We spent a nice two hours talking about ferrets, NYC ban and politics. Early that evening I had a strong urge to watch LOTRs “The Two Towers” on video, so I stopped by Blockbuster in my neighborhood and purchased one for $7. Watched it once Saturday evening, after a phone call with my friend Deb and again Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon around 4pm I attended a “Friends of Kucinich” outreach meeting at Robert K apartment in Tudor City on eastside. The meeting lasted from 4pm to about 6:45pm and was very productive. We got much accomplished and I’m on two more committees, one of which is helping with setting up a NYC based website. Before heading into the meeting, I hooked up with my friend Larry for a chat and he gave me a lift into Manhattan.

The following article may be of interest to some … its at Common Dreams website … check it out if you wish:


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